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The Mediterranean diet has proved to be one of the healthiest diets for our body, as well as delicious. Within the Mediterranean arc, Spain presents itself as a highly qualified supplier with a wide range of agrofood products and worldwide known Designations of Origin. Its excellent products are highly appreciated by the most demanding palates. With this in mind, Spanish Gourmet & Fine Wine Trading pursues the mission of reaching every corner of the globe with our outstanding gourmet and organic products.

Spanish Gourmet and Fine Wine Trading is a company dedicated to the exportation of Spanish gourmet and organic products, as well as fine wines.  

We took our first steps in the wine market over a decade ago and we have gradually introduced other high-quality foodstuffs.

The significance of the German speaking countries  – Germany, Austria and Switzerland– as major importers of our products has led us to open an office in Vienna,  allowing us to offer a more responsive customer service in central Europe. Our strategic location enables us to access the local markets, covering the DACH markets -Germany, Austria, Switzerland- Northern Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, etc.

On the other hand, our office in Seville enables us to provide our Spanish suppliers with support during the whole internationalization process, as well as immediate availability to address any queries or doubts that may arise. Our direct contact with them makes it easier for us to offer our clients a professional and reliable service.

Our offices in Seville and Vienna rely on a multidisciplinary team of professionals, with management, economic and legal training, wide vocational experience in international trade, foreign language skills, and most importantly, knowledge of the idiosyncrasy of different countries in Europe and the Middle East.


To bring Spanish high-quality foodstuffs and wines to the rest of the world


We believe in win-win relationships





We have a wide variety of gourmet and organic food, as well as Spanish fine wines.

1.- Wine

 Rioja winesbodega

Navarra wines

Andalusia wines

Aragon wines 

Rueda wines


2.- Food

Organic honey

Exotic fruits jam

Vegetable preserves

Fish preserves

Extra virgin olive oildehesa extremeña

Table olives


Sausages (deer, wild boar, Iberian pork,..)


Iberian cured ham

Food and vegetable products

We are specialists in organic products

If you are looking for a Spanish product other than the ones listed in our portfolio, please contact us at and we will find it for you.




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